Free On Line Searchable Database for Soldiers

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Free On Line Searchable Database for Soldiers

Post by Stephen » Sun Nov 08, 2009 5:16 pm

The Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum (SOGM) is pleased to announce that following eighteen months of hard work by our staff and a devoted band of volunteers, the content our web site has been very significantly upgraded:

- The online collection of the Gloucestershire Regiment has been updated with approximately 5,000 new records and about 1,800 new photographs, and the Royal Gloucestershire Hussars by a further 300 new records and about 150 new photographs.

- New, much higher quality images have also been added to most items, both new and existing and all such images are now available for download in an improved form.

- Most item descriptions have also been rewritten and extended to aid readability. Additionally we have improved our technology to make the collections more easily searchable, e.g. where we have the names of individuals in group photographs, all these names can now be searched for.

The SOGM museum web site is leading the field with its web technology which covers on line databases of all its collections and of soldiers who served which the regiments in the 19th century and in World War I. There is also an on line exhibition capability and a featured item from the museum collections which change regularly. So, if you haven’t done so for a while, please do visit the site and have a look.

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