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To Whom it May Concern:
I am writing from Sydney Australia , and found your site of interest. I am researching your area in the times 1600-1700.
I am especially interested in discovering if in your region, there is any accounts of "Witches Trials". I believe that the current information refers to the ingestion of "Ergot" a lethal fungus growing on grains especially in marsh-land areas. This ingestion causing "hallucinations, convulsions and death".

De Anna Adams

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Post by Jw » Sun Sep 28, 2003 7:32 pm


the ergot mold grows on the rye grain only and it was used as an animal feed stuff hence animals being affected by deformaties etc, you may be intrested to know that ergot's hallucinogenic properties are attributed to Lysergic Acid or LSD. the High Priest of psychodelia Timothy leary identified phases of the the psychadelic experience with the bardo stages of consiousness outlined in the tibetan book of the dead. As Wicca/Druidary are both religions who have relevant corrialations to book eastern and tantric mysticisms then the powerful tripping experience may have been know in herb lore and has been attributed with the reasons behind the whitchfinder generals persecution as the harvest condition around essex and east anglia especially were ripe for the growth of ergot.

kindest regards


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