Parking Restriction Sutton Veny X Roads - Open Letter

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Parking Restriction Sutton Veny X Roads - Open Letter

Post by admin » Tue Apr 02, 2019 9:36 pm

114 Norton Road
Sutton Veny
BA12 7AY

Wiltshire County Council
Sustainable Transport Group
County Hall
Bythesea Road
BA14 8JN

By E-mail –

Dear Sirs,

Your Ref. LJB/TRO/WWP3

The proposal to rationalise parking restrictions in Sutton Veny by putting double yellow lines at the junction of High Street and Norton Road with a view to ‘avoiding danger to persons or other traffic using the road or any other road or for preventing the likelihood of any such danger arising’ (RTRA 1984 Section 1 (1) would be totally counter-productive.

Typically, turning into Norton Road from the north (Bishopstrowe) finding a clear straight road a driver will increase speed and on reaching the junction with Bests Lane will be well over the 30mph restriction thus creating a danger to persons and other traffic further along the road.

Speed Watch was manned here for 4 years and in that time reported many drivers breaking the village speed limit, clocking 40 and 50mph. Perversely, parked cars can act as traffic calming as happens in Bishopstrowe, Longbridge Deverill, Heytesbury and Codford. These villages do not have double yellow lines to relieve congestion and drivers are obliged to drive within the designated speed limit (around parked cars) which they certainly do not do in Sutton Veny.

Given that there were no parking zones, who would be responsible for policing it and reporting offenders? Again I refer to the Speed Watch, drivers breaking the village speed limit were not prosecuted and indeed many were quite abusive to the members of the Speed Watch team. Will you be relying on villagers whistle blowing on their neighbours?

The subject of double yellow lines has been discussed at several Parish Council meetings over the years and was repeatedly vetoed as it was felt that parking restrictions would be detrimental to the business of the Woolpack which relies on customers travelling to the village by car and it has no designated car park.

If this application has come about because of the recent diversion put in place during the refurbishment of the bridge on the A36, surely this was in real terms for a short period and any inconvenience due to that does not warrant a knee jerk reaction.

In the past when the subject of traffic calming has arisen the Council has always cited that a) there wasn’t sufficient funding and b) there has been no serious accidents. Surely these two reasons still apply. Cynically, parking fines will of course bring in revenue.

Sutton Veny is after all a village on Class ‘C’ road and as such one should expect parked cars and speed limits and drivers should act accordingly.

If Wiltshire County Council are really sincere about preventing the likelihood of avoiding danger to persons or other traffic using the road etc., a more cost effective use of funds would be by addressing the problem of speeding using street furniture such as 20mph signs and or painted on the road.

Yours faithfully,
Michael P Carroll

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