DRAFT Minutes of meeting held 01/03/2018

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DRAFT Minutes of meeting held 01/03/2018

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Membership: Cllrs S Oxlade (Chair), V King (Vice Chair), T Goodman, R Guerri-Fear, A Lusty, C Morris, W Owen,
S Walker & K Wilson

Present: Cllrs Oxlade (Chair), Guerri-Fear, Lusty, Morris, Owen, Walker & Wilson
Officers: M Atyeo (Clerk)
Public: One member of the public

2749. Acceptance of apologies for absence
Cllrs Goodman & King

The meeting was adjourned to allow members of the public the opportunity to raise any issues.
2750. Open session for members of the public
The applicant Re: 18/01600/FUL – Huntsman’s Lodge – Proposed dwelling gave information regarding his planning application.
The meeting reconvened.

2751. To receive declarations of interest

2752. To confirm and sign minutes of the last meeting
Minutes of the meeting held on 1st February 2018 were circulated prior to this meeting were accepted as a true record and signed by the Chairman.
Proposed: Cllr Morris Seconded: Cllr Wilson

2753. 2018 Community Award Nominees
Two nominees were suggested to receive the community cup this year. The final vote will take place at the April meeting.

2754. Decide date for village tidy up morning
Date agreed Saturday 21st April 2018, meeting at 10am in school car park. Clerk will advertise and arrange loan of equipment from Wiltshire Council Highways.

2755. Information on Speed Indicator Device
Carried forward to April meeting.

2756. Ideas for commemoration of 100 year anniversary of end of WWI
Cllr Guerri-Fear suggested planting a Eucalyptus tree near the Anzac graves in Church Yard. Clerk will investigate.

2757. Chairman’s announcements
The Chairman is planning to visit Western Australia during 2019 and will possibly be able to visit our linked towns.

2758. Planning Committee Report
Wiltshire Council planning decisions:
18/00104/TCA – 109 High St – Tree works – NO OBJECTION
17/12479/FUL – Kingsdown Farm, Lords Hill – Erection of stables/office building – APPROVE WITH CONDITIONS

Parish Council consultations:
18/00743/TCA – 31D High St – Tree works – NO OBJECTION
18/00889/TCA – Fosters Lodge, Duck St – Tree works – NO OBJECTION
18/01430/TCA – 31D High St – Tree works – NO OBJECTION
18/01602/TPO – 107 High St – Tree works
18/01643/TCA – Glebe Farm – Tree works

2759. Financial Information
Payments for approval
100828 South Western Ambulance Service (re-issue 100827) £1200.00
100829 SVPCC – Donation (approved 01/02/18) £100.00
100830 Cumbria Clock Company £180.00
100831 No Butts Bin Company Ltd £900.00
Proposed: Cllr Guerri-Fear Seconded: Cllr Morris
Balance at Bank @ 03/02/2018 was £13701.53

2760. Clerk’s report and correspondence received
The Clerk advised that she has received a document from WALC regarding GDPR changes to Data Protection requirements, taking effect from May 2018.
Our invitation to enter the Best Kept Village Competition has been received. The majority of Councillors wanted to enter again this year. The Clerk will arrange.
Items for Parish Steward: Nothing specific, but pot holes on Norton Road and Haycombe Hill need reporting.
Tenant’s copy of the lease for Plot 6 of the allotments was signed and witnessed.

2761. Matters raised for discussion only
Nothing raised.

2748. Items for newsletter and website
The Clerk will write the report for the village hall newsletter.
The meeting closed at 19:37

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