DRAFT Minutes of meeting held 06/10/2016

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DRAFT Minutes of meeting held 06/10/2016

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Present: Cllrs Oxlade (Chair), Gaydon, King, Lusty & Walker

2563. Acceptance of apologies for absence
Cllrs Goodman, Guerri-Fear, Morris & Owen

The meeting was adjourned to allow members of the public the opportunity to raise any issues.
2564. Open session for members of the public
The Agent representing applicants re: 16/08687/OUT addressed the meeting providing additional information surrounding the planning application for a further 5 dwellings at land north of The Kennels.
The meeting reconvened.

2565. To receive declarations of interest
Cllr Walker re: 16/08687/OUT

2566. To confirm and sign minutes of the last meeting
Minutes of the meeting held on 1st September 2016 were circulated prior to this meeting and were accepted as a true record.
Proposed: Cllr King Seconded: Cllr Gaydon

2567. Footpath at Sheppards Forge
Following an enquiry to Wiltshire Council, it would appear that the grassed area at the front of Furnace House & Horse Shoe Cottage is classed as public highway and should therefore be available for the public to use and not obstructed by stones and fencing. The Clerk will write to the residents and ask that the obstructions be removed.

2568. Parking at Chapel Drain
Wiltshire Council has advised that as the stated width of this footpath is 1.1m – 2.5m, as long as a minimum width of 1.1m is provided to allow access to the footpath, there is no prohibition of parking here.

2569. Defibrillator awareness session 17/11/2016
The annual training evening for the use of the defibrillator has been arranged for Thursday 17th November 2016, 19:00 – 20:30 at the Village Hall. The event will be advertised on the noticeboard, the website and the newsletter.

2570. 2016 Christmas tree arrangements
Cllr Walker will arrange delivery of the tree and volunteer helpers will be sought. Rev Ali will lead Christmas carols and the lights will be switched on at 5pm on 3rd December. Cllr Morris has invited attending school children to bring decorations for the tree.

2571. Remembrance service – agree wreath laying and donation
The Chairman will attend the service on 13th November and will lay the wreath on behalf of the Parish Council. The budgeted donation of £100.00 was agreed.
Proposed: Cllr Walker Seconded: Cllr Lusty

2572. Chairman’s Report
Cllr Gaydon stood down from the Village Hall committee. The Clerk has been asked to act as a ‘virtual trustee’ providing a link between the Village Hall committee and the Parish Council.

2573. Planning Committee Report
Wiltshire Council planning decisions:
16/07924/TCA – Home Farm, Dymocks Lane – Various tree works – NO OBJECTION
Parish Council consultation:
16/08823/TCA – Little Newnham, High St – Various tree works – NO OBJECTION
16/08634/TCA – 98 High St – Fell Norway spruce – NO OBJECTION
16/09514/TCA – Little Hall, High St – Crown reduce & thin Birch tree

16/08687/OUT – Land North of The Kennels, Norton Rd – 5 dwellings & associated infrastructure
The Councillors have visited the site and inspected the plans prior to the meeting. Following discussions, it was felt that due to the size of the proposed development (8 dwellings in total), the new site being outside the policy limits and in line with previous applications that have been submitted at other locations in the village, the Parish Council would suggest that at least 3 of the dwellings should be offered as part of a low cost housing scheme in perpetuity. The need for some low cost housing was the outcome of the recent housing needs survey.

2574. Payments
Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal £100.00
Proposed: Cllr Walker Seconded: Cllr Lusty

2575. Clerk’s report and correspondence received
The Clerk has received further correspondence from residents regarding parking issues in the area of the junction of Norton Road and High Street. Cllrs had no further comments.
The list of priorities has been sent to the Parish Steward, along with a resident’s request to clear the weeds in Norton Road. No further tasks to add this month.
A schedule for the Speed Indicator Devices has still not been received. The Clerk will report back to the Council and arrange erection of the poles as soon as this is known.
The date for the Annual Parish and Annual Council meetings in May 2017 once again falls on the same date as an election, so the Parish Council will have to reschedule the meetings as the village hall will be in use as a polling station.
Precept talks will begin at next month’s meeting; the Clerk will forward some information ahead of the meeting.

2576. Matters rose for discussion only
Cllr King reported that road markings that existed alongside and opposite Little Newnham have not been renewed since the High Street was resurfaced.
Cllr Gaydon raised the possibility of picnic tables on the Alexander Field.

2562. Items for newsletter and website
The Clerk will write the report for the village hall newsletter.

The meeting closed at 19:55
The next meeting of the Parish Council will take place at 7:00pm on Thursday 3rd November 2016 in the village hall.

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