Old Sutton Veny Youth Hostel Premises

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Old Sutton Veny Youth Hostel Premises

Post by admin » Mon Nov 13, 2006 4:16 pm

Please post a reply here and I will forward to John Martin

Dear Sutton Village Web-site
I am a voluntary archivist working for the Youth Hostels Association. I am engaged in developing the Association’s archives. A high priority is to establish the whereabouts of each of the Association’s all-time hostels since 1930, with a database listing details such as time-span, address, building description and operational details (such as accommodation size and ownership), with anecdotal evidence from hostellers, wardens and others, and illustrated wherever possible with a contemporary picture of each hostel (if possible) or one from another period (if not).

I wonder if any of your members have any recollection or knowledge of two YHA premises that were open in or near Sutton Veny between 1939 and 1947.

The first was at Woodcombe Cleave, which was open from 1939 until change of ownership brought about sudden closure on 20/9/1945.
This was replaced by a hostel at the Lynchetts, Longbridge Deveril, Warminster, Wiltshire, which was operating by Easter 1946, but closed suddenly in July 1947, for reasons unknown to me. Its location was described as up a lane midway between Sutton Veny and Longbridge Deveril.
I would be most grateful for any information on these premises, especially Grid References, ownership details and a description of the buildings in question. Of particular value would be an illustration of each of these buildings, whether from the 1940s or of another time.
I would be happy to reimburse costs of scans, photographs, postage, telephone, etc.

Yours John Martin

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