Australian War memorial Web Site

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Australian War memorial Web Site

Post by admin » Sat Jul 24, 2004 10:43 am

Reproduced below is an email from Ian Robertson who very kindly informed of a web site which others may find of interest:

In the week or so I have been browsing through the Australian War Memorial (AWM) web site looking for experiences of my two grandfathers in WWI. While doing this, I have come across quite a number of photographs (about 125) taken of Australians in Sutton Veny around 1918-1919.  

If you decide to look at the Sutton Veny photo collection on the Australian War Memorial Web Site you will need to:

(1) access the Australian War Memorial's website   

(2) work your way first through the menu provided to the photograph collection;  and then

(3) do a search using the words "Sutton Veny".

I hope that you enjoy them.

Best wishes


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