Visit to Sutton Veny, Feb 1994

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Visit to Sutton Veny, Feb 1994

Post by mjamcussen » Tue Aug 12, 2003 6:08 pm

My wife, Allison, holidayed in England in Feb 1994. We drove through a snowy, dark day from Swindon on a wild goose chase to look for my Great Uncles grave at Sutton Veny. I didn't really know where it was nor any idea where he might have been buried. I only had a memory of an old photo taken of his gravestone and the name of the town of Sutton Veny to go on, but eventually found his grave.

It was a desperately dismal day but I'll never forget the snowy fields, the snow covered trees at the church, the lights on in the town's homes and just how peaceful it was. His name was John Spencer Cussen. We don't know much about which conflicts he served in but he died of "influenza / pneumonia", Spanish Flu as we understand, just before the end of the war. It was a long way from his bush home near Ravenswood in North Queensland. His mother, my Great Grandmother, had a special cross with an inscription installed on his grave, instead of the standard gravestone of the Commonwealth War Graves. I wondered where he was stationed at Sutton Veny and where he might have died but I suppose that detail is lost.

Took some great photos and I have some very special memories of Sutton Veny

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Post by admin » Wed Aug 13, 2003 11:21 am

Very glad you enjoyed your visit to Sutton Veny.

I am afraid that I cannot answer the questions you pose however perhaps someone else reading this can help ?

The Australian Ministry of Defence may be able to help with his war records and how he died ? If you do manage to find out, then please let me know and if you wish, I can add his details to the village web site. The link is here:

and you can see a brief history of other Australians who died and a resume of their lives by clicking onto those who have links.

This web site might be of use to you in your search.

Good luck

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