DRAFT Minutes of meeting held 06/12/2018

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DRAFT Minutes of meeting held 06/12/2018

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Membership: Cllrs V King (Chair), C Morris (Vice Chair), R Guerri-Fear, A Lusty, W Owen, A Russell, S Walker &
K Wilson
Present: Cllrs King (Chair), Guerri-Fear, Lusty, Morris, Russell Walker & Wilson
Officers: M Atyeo (Clerk)
Public: None present

2868. Acceptance of apologies for absence
None received.

2869. Open session for members of the public
None present

2870. To receive declarations of interest in accordance with the Localism Act 2011
Cllr King Re: 2878 payment to Paul King for finger post repairs

2871. To confirm and sign minutes of the last meeting
Minutes of the meeting held on 1st November 2018 were circulated prior to this meeting were accepted as a true record and signed by the Chairman.
Proposed: Cllr Lusty Seconded: Cllr Wilson

2872. Resignation of Cllr Guerri-Fear
With regret, the Chairman accepted the resignation of Cllr Guerri-Fear after she has served many years as a member of the Parish Council. The members of the Council and the Clerk thanked Cllr Guerri-Fear for her valuable contribution; she will be greatly missed by all.

2873. Co-option of new member
Applications to join the Parish Council were discussed. In light of the resignation of Cllr Guerri-Fear, it was decided to postpone co-option until February.

2874. Play area inspection report
The Clerk will liaise with idverde to make sure that all highlighted issues have been addressed.

2875. 2019 Precept demand
The budget for the coming year was discussed and the members voted unanimously to set the precept at £12,720 in order to effect no cost increase to residents via the council tax charge.
Proposed: Cllr Morris Seconded: Cllr Guerri-Fear

2876. Chairman’s Announcements
The Chairman thanked the councillors and volunteers who assisted with the erection of the Christmas tree and the organisation of the Carol Service and blessing service.

Complaints have been received regarding parking of vehicles on the High Street junction with Bests Lane. The Clerk will contact the area board.

2877. Planning Committee Report
Wiltshire Council planning decisions:
18/08239/FUL – Haycombe Hill Farm – Demolition & replacement of existing dwelling – APPROVE WITH CONDITIONS
18/09177/TCA – Fosters, Duck St – Tree works – NO OBJECTION
18/09959/TCA – 2 Greenhill – Tree works – NO OBJECTION
Applications for Parish Council consideration:
18/10247/TCA – 11a Bests Lane – Tree works
18/10291/TCA – 4 Greenhill Gardens – Tree works
18/10010/OUT – Land adj Hillside Cottage, Hill Rd – Outline application for self-build dwelling to replace existing stabling & livery business - OBJECT
18/10328/FUL – Jobs Mill, Five Ash Lane – Proposed micro-hydro installation – NO OBJECTION
18/10621/TCA – 5 Greenhill – Tree works
18/10622/TCA – Kildare, Deverill Rd – Tree works
18/10701/FUL – Rookery Cottage, Hill Rd – Side extension to replace existing utility room – NO OBJECTION
18/11089/TCA – Little Newnham, High St – Tree works

2878. Financial Information
Payments for approval
100849 N W Adams (Play Area Inspection) £106.20
100850 Swanton Farms Ltd (Christmas Tree) £264.00
100851 M Atyeo – Salary & Expenses November £569.19
100852 Sutton Veny Village Hall – Donation £200.00
100853 SVPCC – Donation £450.00
100854 Wiltshire Air Ambulance – Donation £200.00
100855 Heytesbury & Sutton Veny Cricket Club – Donation £150.00
100856 Paul King – Finger post repairs £320.00
100857 M Atyeo – Salary & Expenses December £464.67
Proposed: Cllr Morris Seconded: Cllr Guerri-Fear
Balance at Bank @ 03/11/2018 £17,525.86

2879. Clerk’s Report
Bank signatories will be updated after co-option of new members.

2880. Matters raised by Councillors - for discussion only

2867. Items for newsletter and website
The Clerk will write the report for the village hall newsletter.

The meeting closed at 19:55

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