Ode to Bunting

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Ode to Bunting

Post by admin » Fri Jun 15, 2018 10:09 am

By Mike Carroll

With apologies to Thomas Gray

The curfew tolls the knell of parting day,
The lowing herd wind slowly o’er the lea,
High flutt’ring bunting proudly now holds sway,
All the world is glad, except JG.

Brave men came from lands afar,
Now many are at rest in our cemetery,
A service is held lest their memory we mar,
That’s why we fly the bunting, JG

Each year we commemorate them with leather on willow,
AUS ONE pitches up with a ringer or three,
We tell of their forebears, our sod now their pillow,
They do not think the bunting “distasteful” JG.

The Flower Show presents us a chance to display,
Fruit, roses, tarts, a spray of sweet pea.
We have sideshows, a beer tent, a jazzy band doth play.
It’s called “having fun” – join in JG.

There are many events that we celebrate each year
Birthdays, betrothals, an engagement maybe.
So when grandchildren ask “why the flags, Granny dear”
Tell them they are for all of the above, JG.

If consensus dictates that the bunting must go,
Most will be happy, some will be sadder
Whoso’ere takes it down, we want you to know
For a nominal fee, you may hire our ladder.

The Elegy by Gray hath thirty two verses,
And lo, who is seated under yonder yew tree
‘Tis our scribe, quill in hand and what is worse is
That much more may follow … beware JG.

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Re: Ode to Bunting

Post by PRS » Sun Jun 17, 2018 10:58 am

An ornithological observation
by Ploughman

The Wiltshire countryside abounds
In birds of every kind
But there is one deserving breed
That you are sure to find.

In Spring it usually appears
In red and white and blue
Sometimes it sports a cross design
And stars are found there, too.

It isn't always popular
And JG has a grouse
(I wonder if he doesn't like
It nesting near his house)

The sight of it can bring much joy
To those of lighter heart,
Its friendly rustling, bustling call
Is quite a work of art

Avid "twitchers " Bry and Mike
Have built the Bunting's nesting
With squally showers and chilly winds
Conditions have been testing

Some species might be dwindling now
Through climate change and hunting
But raise your glass and celebrate
The Sutton Veny Bunting

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