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Comments please.

Post by PRS » Tue Nov 03, 2015 4:44 pm

I have had but a single reply to my piece in the October Village Hall Newsletter.
In the hope that people will see it here - and maybe respond, I reproduce it below:

Neighbourhood Watch Scheme - does it work?
The structure of this scheme consists of a number (currently 16) of Street Co-ordinators who are "responsible" for a number of houses around their own. When there was a Newsletter produced for Neighbourhood Watch by the Police, the Street Co-ordinators were instrumental in the circulation of copies around their patch. This Newsletter is no longer produced, but a report on crimes in the area is sent by e-mail every few months. The Community Messaging service ( is also very helpful in disseminating topical alerts and news.
Another function of the Street Co-ordinator is to welcome newcomers and offer them a pack containing useful crime prevention information, door sticker &c. These packs, provided by Wiltshire Police, have not been updated for a considerable time. As Village Co-ordinator, I also find it helpful to be notified when a house had changed hands.
In an ideal system, I would see the Street Co-ordinators familiar with all their neighbours, knowing when they were away and who held a key to their property. In practice this is a little tricky because of matters of privacy and confidentiality. .
I am always happy to advise villagers on matters that might be relevant ("Should I notify the Police?", for example) and to arrange for Crime Prevention advice from the appropriate agencies.
The question arises as to whether it is worthwhile continuing with the existing structure, and I would welcome comments and ideas from both Street Co-ordinators and residents of Sutton Veny in general
I look forward to hearing from you.

Peter Strangeways
Village Co-ordinator, Neighbourhood Watch Scheme
101 High Street. Tel: 840403. E-mail:

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