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The School Bell

Post by Keith » Sat Dec 15, 2007 4:31 pm

I like a good mystery so i thought i'd pop this one in and see if any answers have been found yet :D
Image This topic courtsey of Victoria Ashford of Wiltshire Times .

MYSTERY surrounds the history of a village school bell that has undergone a £6,000 restoration programme.

Christine Folker, headteacher of Sutton Veny Primary School near Warminster, is keen to hear from anyone with information about the history of the newly restored bell, which is now being rung to mark the start of the school day.

Mrs Folker said: "The bell is extremely important. It is a huge part of the village. It is lovely to have that bell ringing again but it's very difficult to ring. I never realised it would be so hard but you have to really get it swinging to get it ringing."

The bell's restoration project was part funded by the school and by fundraising from the village.

The playground has also been redeveloped over the summer with a new trim trail and willow sculptures of a dragon courtesy of the last batch of Year 6 leavers.

Mrs Folker said: "They are phenomenal. They raised all their own funding for that over six weeks where they made scones and cards, which they sold."

The children raised £500 in order to build the willow sculpture that stands proudly at the front of the school.

Mrs Folker said: "It is the Year 6 legacy where every year the children from Year 6 do something for the school to remember them by."

If you have any information on the bell then contact Victoria on (01225) 773642 or email

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