DRAFT Minutes of meeting held 03/09/2015

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DRAFT Minutes of meeting held 03/09/2015

Post by matyeo » Mon Sep 30, 2019 8:28 pm


Membership: Cllrs V King (Chair), A Lusty, C Morris, K Phillips, J Robbins, A Russell, S Walker and
K Wilson (Vice-Chair)
Present: Cllrs King (Chair), Morris, Phillips, Robbins, Russell, Walker and Wilson
One member of the public
Officers: M Atyeo (Clerk)

2964. Acceptance of apologies for absence
Cllr Lusty

2965. Open session for members of the public
None present

2966. To receive declarations of interest in accordance with the Localism Act 2011

2967. To confirm and sign minutes of the last meeting
Minutes of the meeting held on 4th July 2019 were circulated prior to this meeting were accepted as a true record and signed by the Chairman.
Proposed: Cllr Wilson Seconded: Cllr Walker

2968. Continue discussion Re: village map
Cllr Phillips has contacted the artist and she may be willing to take on the commission in the New Year. Samples of similar maps to be forwarded to Cllr Phillips. To be discussed further at October meeting.

2969. Further information on flower box/es at village entrance signs
Information collated by the Clerk to be sent to Cllr Phillips. To be discussed further at October meeting.

2970. Update on Councillor vacancy
The Clerk has received one application; this will be considered at the end of the election consultation period.

2971. Community Governance Review – any expressions of interest?
No comments.

2972. Christmas tree 2019 – Initial discussions and possible alternative
Cllr Russell has produced a drawing of a steel structure, to be adorned with fairy lights and has obtained a quote for the fabrication from a local company. A final design and costing will be provided for discussion at the October meeting.

2973. Chairman’s Announcements
- A bench owned by the Parish Council on the Alexander Memorial field is in need of repair or replacement. Cllr Russell will take a look and report back.

- The defibrillator at the village hall was very sadly vandalised during the summer. This has been replaced at a cost to the NHS, under the terms of the rental agreement.

2974. Planning Committee Report
Wiltshire Council planning decisions:
19/05114/FUL – Southleigh House – Extension to front extension – Approve with Conditions
19/06208/TCA – Prospect House, High St – Tree works – No Objection
19/06463/TCA – Apple Tree Cottage, 111 High St – Tree works - No Objection
18/12149/FUL – Land rear of The Woolpack – Detached dwelling – Approve with Conditions
Applications for Parish Council consideration:
19/06430/TCA – Glebe Cottage, Bests Lane –Tree works – No Comment
19/07385/TPO – The Oaks, Norton Rd – Various tree works – No Comment
19/07386/TCA – The Oaks, Norton Rd – Tree works – No Comment

2975. Financial Information
Payments for approval
100875 M Atyeo - Salary & Expenses August £464.67
100876 South Western Ambulance Service £2160.00
Proposed: Cllr Russell Seconded: Cllr Morris
Balance at Bank @ 03/08/2019 £14,024.75

2976. Clerk’s Report
The Clerk has a meeting with idVerde on Monday morning to discuss repairs to the multiplay unit.

2977. Matters raised by Councillors - for discussion only
Cllr Wilson advised that a number of the road signs along the Longbridge Deverill road have been obscured by overgrown hedges.
Cllr Morris advised that there appears to be an increase in the amount of dog waste on the Alexander Memorial field. She also commented on the new ‘SLOW’ road markings at Bishopstrow and enquired whether this might be possible in Sutton Veny.
Cllr Russell advised that the village firework display is planned for Saturday 2nd November. He also advised that he has kindly repaired the lock on the noticeboard.

2963. Items for newsletter and website
The Clerk will write the report for the village hall newsletter.

The meeting closed at 19:43

The next meeting will be held on Thursday 3rd October at 7pm.

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