DRAFT Minutes of meeting held 07/02/2019

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DRAFT Minutes of meeting held 07/02/2019

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Membership: Cllrs V King (Chair), C Morris (Vice Chair), A Lusty, W Owen, J Robbins, A Russell, S Walker &
K Wilson
Present: Cllrs King (Chair), Lusty, Russell Walker & Wilson
Officers: M Atyeo (Clerk)
Public: Two present

2882. Acceptance of apologies for absence
Cllrs Morris & Owen.

The meeting was adjourned to allow members of the public the opportunity to raise any issues.
2883. Open session for members of the public
A resident of the village enquired about the priorities for the Parish Council in the coming year.
The meeting reconvened.

2884. To receive declarations of interest in accordance with the Localism Act 2011
Cllr Wilson Re: 2888 planning application 19/00278/TCA

2885. To confirm and sign minutes of the last meeting
Minutes of the meeting held on 6th December 2018 were circulated prior to this meeting were accepted as a true record and signed by the Chairman.
Proposed: Cllr Lusty Seconded: Cllr Walker

2886. Co-option of new members
Following a unanimous vote, Joe Robbins was invited to join the Parish Council. The Declaration of Acceptance of Office was signed.
The second vacancy will be filled when confirmation is received from Wiltshire Council Elections team that we are able to do so by co-option.

2887. Chairman’s Announcements
An email has been received from a member of the public regarding his perceived increase in levels of HGV traffic passing through the village due to the temporary closure of B3414, Boreham Road, Warminster. The Chairman has been in contact with the Highways department at Wiltshire Council and received the following reply:

The B2414 which is closed for bridge works has a 7.5T weight restriction, so HGVs are automatically routed along the A36 into Warminster and therefore the closure of the B2414 would not make a difference to HGVs. It is likely that HGVs travelling along Norton Road are going to Pound Barton Trading Estate.

The Police recently diverted traffic along Norton Road temporarily due to the closure of the A36 following a fatal traffic accident. This will have added a significant amount of traffic over a short time, possibly causing damage to the verges.

Due to the 7.5T weight restriction on Bishopstrow Road, Norton Road is the only access route for HGVs visiting the trading estate and therefore we would be unable to place a temporary weight restriction on it. We try to avoid placing additional signage such as ‘unsuitable for diverted traffic’ as we find this alerts people to an alternative through route and increases rather than decreases the traffic flow.

The Chairman has received a letter from John & Auriel Winther who have kindly been mowing and the upkeep of the Old Chapel graveyard in Chapel Drain for many years; they are no longer able to continue the with task. The Parish Council are very grateful for their contribution to the community and will contact them directly to thank them.

2888. Planning Committee Report
Wiltshire Council planning decisions:
18/10010/OUT – Land adj Hillside Cottage, Hill Rd – Outline application for self-build dwelling to replace existing stabling & livery business - REFUSE
18/10328/FUL – Jobs Mill, Five Ash Lane – Proposed micro-hydro installation – APPROVE WITH CONDITIONS
18/10701/FUL – Rookery Cottage – Side extension to replace existing utility room – APPROVE WITH CONDITIONS
Applications for Parish Council consideration:
19/00031/TCA – Prosper Cottage, 40 Dymocks Lane – Tree works
18/10918/FUL – Greenhill Farmhouse, Norton Road – Demolition of single storey extensions & erection of new
18/11089/TCA – Little Newnham, High St – Tree works
19/00278/TCA – The Old Rectory, Bests Lane – Tree works
19/12149/FUL – Land rear of The Woolpack, High St – Detached dwelling
19/00565/FUL – 88-89 Hugh St – Proposed two storey extension
19/00789/FUL – Glebe Cottage, Bests Lane – Demolish existing garage & construct replacement
19/00847/TCA – Cherry Tree Cottage, 12 Bests Lane – Tree works

2889. Financial Information
Payments for approval
100858 Stephen Oxlade (mulled wine) £36.00
100859 M A Gunter Grounds Maintenance Ltd £745.00
100860 M Atyeo – Salary & Expenses January £464.67
Proposed: Cllr Lusty Seconded: Cllr Wilson
Balance at Bank @ 03/01/2019 £14,696.29

2890. Clerk’s Report
Nothing to report

2891. Matters raised by Councillors - for discussion only
Cllr Lusty reported that there are street lights not working along Norton Road and Duck Street
Cllr Russell advised that the salt bin on Deverill Road is empty; he has reported this to Wiltshire Council.

2881. Items for newsletter and website
The Clerk will write the report for the village hall newsletter.

The meeting closed at 19:25

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