DRAFT Minutes of meeting held 05/10/2017

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DRAFT Minutes of meeting held 05/10/2017

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Present: Cllrs Oxlade (Chair), Goodman, King, Lusty, Morris, Walker & Wilson

2694. Acceptance of apologies for absence
Cllrs Guerri-Fear & Owen

2695. Open session for members of the public
None present

2696. To receive declarations of interest

2697. To confirm and sign minutes of the last meeting
Minutes of the meeting held on 7th September 2017 were circulated prior to this meeting and were accepted as a true record.
Proposed: Cllr Walker Seconded: Cllr Wilson

2698. Maintenance of Footpaths & Bridleways
The Clerk has been informed of the footpaths and bridleways that are included in the maintenance schedule of Wiltshire Council, which should provide one cut of surface growth a year, but this is not guaranteed. The Rights of Way Officer has offered a meeting to discuss any improvements that can be made, the Clerk will arrange this.

2699. Christmas Tree
Delivery of the tree will be arranged ahead of the proposed lighting up ceremony on 2nd December. It was decided that extra lights should be purchased.

2700. Defibrillator Location
No response has been received from Landlords of The Woolpack following the request to locate a second defibrillator for the village at the pub. It was proposed that the cabinet could be attached to the bus shelter at Norton Road crossroads, although not ideal as there will be no power supply to maintain the temperature of the pads in very cold weather conditions, it might be the only option. A second unit would cost £1000; the Clerk will look at the budget to see if this could be arranged in this financial year.

2701. WWI commemorative trees
Wiltshire Area Board in conjunction with the Woodland Trust are organising a scheme to plant 10,000 trees across the county in 2018 to commemorate 100 years since the end of WW1. The Councillors decided to request an Oak Tree to be planted along the bridleway between Bests Land and Duck Street.

2702. Chairman’s Report
Reports have been received of bike jumps erected along the bridleway from Bests Lane to Duck Street. Councillors have spoken to the children involved and it was decided that so long as they do not obstruct the bridleway, the Parish Council have no issue with this.

The Parish Steward has tidied the area around the Bus Shelter at Springhead, however it was noted that the cigarette bin has been vandalised – this will be removed.
The Clerk will replace the sign on the Play Area bin stating that no dog poo should be put in it. It was also mentioned that due to overgrown hedges surrounding the Village Hall car park, the bin at that end of the field is not very visible.
Sutton Veny W.I. is planning to present the village with a gift to commemorate the centenary of the W.I. in 2020, the Councillors were asked to come up with ideas of something suitable.

2703. Planning Committee Report
Wiltshire Council planning decisions:
Parish Council consultations:
17/08450/TCA – Veny Farm, Duck St – Tree works – NO OBJECTION
17/08850/TPO – Fairview House, 36 High St – Tree works – NO OBJECTION
17/08432/FUL – Shepe House, Sutton Parva – Single Storey Extension to kitchen & ancillary alterations – NO OBJECTION
17/09118/TCA – Apple Tree Cottage, 111 High St – Tree works
17/09308/TCA – 4 Greenhill Gardens – Tree works

2704. Payments
British Legion Poppy Appeal £100.00
Proposed: Cllr King Seconded: Cllr Morris

2705. Clerk’s report and correspondence received
The Parish Council accounts for the year 2016/17 have been finalised by Grant Thornton, external auditors and advertised on the village website.
No update received on the public highway currently obstructed at Sheppards Forge.
The Clerk has been trying to contact Wessex Tree Care regarding the finger post repairs, with no success. Monthly lists will be forwarded to the Parish Steward; this month will be weeds along Norton Road and clearing the ditch in Duck Street.
Councillors were invited to take part in the Wiltshire Council public consultation on Waste & Recycling.

2706. Matters raised for discussion only
Cllr Lusty reported that dog mess on the Alexander Field is notably worse during school term time and asked whether poo bags could be provided on the bins. To be investigated and discussed at next meeting.
Cllr King raised the overgrown hedges infringing both sides of the highway at Deverill Road.

2693. Items for newsletter and website
The Clerk will write the report for the village hall newsletter.

The meeting closed at 19:47

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on 2nd November 2017 starting at 7:00pm in the Village Hall.

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