DRAFT Minutes of meeting held 07/07/2016

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DRAFT Minutes of meeting held 07/07/2016

Post by matyeo » Thu Jul 21, 2016 12:46 pm


Present: Cllrs Oxlade (Chair), Gaydon, King, Morris & Walker

2533. Acceptance of apologies for absence
Cllrs Guerri-Fear, Lusty & Owen

2534. Open session for members of the public
None present.

2535. To receive declarations of interest
Cllr Walker Re: 2543 Land north of The Kennels, Norton Road

2536. To confirm and sign minutes of the last meeting
Minutes of the meeting held on 2nd June 2016 were circulated prior to this meeting and were accepted as a true record.
Proposed: Cllr King Seconded: Cllr Gaydon

2537. Councillor Vacancy
The Clerk has received one enquiry, however, no applicants in attendance at the meeting.

2538. Report of Queen’s 90th birthday party event
The Chairman was pleased to report that the event was well attended, despite the rain showers. Thanks have been sent to the Trustees of the Alexander Memorial Field and the Village Hall for allowing free use of their facilities,

2539. Parish Steward scheme re-introduction
The Clerk was pleased to advise that Wiltshire Council is reintroducing the Parish Steward scheme with effect from October 2016. The Parish Council will be able to prioritise appropriate tasks and submit directly to the Steward on a regular basis. The first list will be submitted following the September meeting.

2540. Request for letter of support for Sutton Veny History Group’s grant application
It was agreed by all Councillors present to send a letter of support, the Clerk will arrange.

2541. Allotments – signing of new tenancy agreements
New leases were signed by Councillors and will now be witnessed and then sent to the new tenants.

2542. Chairman’s Report
A letter has been received from Department for Culture Media & Sport, via Andrew Murrison’s office, detailing the superfast broadband progress in our area. This will be posted on the village website.

2543. Planning Committee Report
Wiltshire Council planning decisions:
16/03111/REM – Kingsdown Farm, Lords Hill – Reserved matters re: 14/11851/OUT – APPROVED WITH CONDITIONS
16/03728/FUL – The Manor Close, 69 Duck St – Rear extension – APPROVED WITH CONDITIONS
16/03825/FUL – 17 Bests Lane – Replace existing conservatory – APPROVED WITH CONDITIONS
Parish Council consultation:
16/04131/FUL – The Drove House, Haycombe Hill – Change of use & erection of stables – NO OBJECTION
16/05585/REM – Land north of The Kennels – Reserved matters re: 15/12599/OUT – SUPPORT (Cllr Walker abstained)
16/06211/TCA – 7 High St – Tree works – NO OBJECTION
16/06349/TCA – 4 Greenhill Gardens – NO OBJECTION

2544. Payments
B Fell – Allotment rent refund £50.00
Lloyds Bank Commercial Finance Ltd - Stationery Plus £77.59
M Atyeo – Clerk’s expenses £123.94
31/07 M Atyeo – Clerk’s salary £1343.68
Proposed: Cllr Morris Seconded: Cllr King

2545. Clerk’s report and correspondence received
Complaints have been received regarding the overgrown weeds in Chapel Drain; this issue has been reported to Wiltshire Council for action.

2546. Matters rose for discussion only
Cllr Morris asked if the Chairman has yet seen the photographs taken by the drone at the village party in June. Cllr Gaydon advised that no decision has yet been made on the possibility of a display cabinet in the village hall and that she is intending to step down from the village hall committee. Cllr Gaydon also asked if a ‘What’s on’ section could be added to the village website, the Chairman advised that there is already this facility.

2532. Items for newsletter and website
The Clerk will write the report for the village hall newsletter.

The meeting closed at 20:10

The next meeting of the Parish Council will take place at 7:00pm on Thursday 1st September 2016 in the village hall. THERE IS NO MEETING IN AUGUST.

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