DRAFT Minutes of the Annual Council Meeting held 04/05/2016

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DRAFT Minutes of the Annual Council Meeting held 04/05/2016

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Present: Cllrs Oxlade (Chair), Gaydon, King, Lusty, Owen and Walker

2501. Election of Chairman
Proposals were invited for Chairman. Cllr Oxlade was proposed, seconded and elected and proceeded to sign the Declaration of Acceptance.
Proposed: Cllr King Seconded: Cllr Gaydon

2502. Election of Vice-Chairman
Councillor King was elected as Vice-Chairman.
Proposed: Cllr Owen Seconded: Cllr Gaydon

2503. Acceptance of apologies for absence
Cllrs Guerri-Fear and Morris

2504. Open Session for members of the public
None present.

2505. To Receive Declarations of Interest

2506. To Confirm and Sign Minutes of the Last Meeting
Minutes of the meeting held on 7th April 2016 were circulated prior to this meeting and were accepted as a true record.
Proposed: Cllr Walker Seconded: Cllr King

2507. Parish Council Vacancy
The Clerk has received notification from Electoral Services that the Parish Council may appoint a new member by co-option. The vacancy will be advertised in the parish newsletter.

2508. Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations - arrangements
The Trustees of the Alexander Field have agreed that it can be used for a community picnic on the afternoon of 12th June; the Clerk has signed the user agreement on behalf of the Parish Council. The Trustees of the Village Hall have also kindly agreed free use of the hall. A group of volunteers will meet to discuss any further arrangements and the event will then be advertised.

2509. Raffle prize for Anzac cricket match
It was agreed to donate a bottle of whisky costing approximately £20.00 to the Anzac cricket match raffle. Proposed: Cllr Owen Seconded: Cllr King

2510. Report on village tidy up
There were 14 volunteers and several bags of rubbish collected. Fly tipping was discovered by the A36 flyover on the Norton Road, which has been reported to Wiltshire Council and Cllr Morris said that there was lots of dog fouling on the parameters of the Alexander Field.

2511. Chairman’s Report
Cllr Owen was able to provide an update on the Spitting Feathers campaign.
The Chairman has been presented with a gift to the Parish Council of a glass plaque from the city of Geraldton, Australia. It was suggested that we investigate the possibility of a glass display cabinet in the Village Hall to display such items. Cllr Gaydon will raise this with the Trustees.

2512. Planning Committee Report
Notification of Wiltshire Planning Decisions:
16/01683/TCA – Sutton Veny Primary School, High St – Work on trees – NO OBJECTION

Other outstanding for Parish Council Observations:
16/03217/TCA – 43 Dymocks Lane – Work on trees

2513. Payments
Aon UK Insurance £970.34
M Atyeo – Clerk’s Salary & Expenses £1391.78

Proposed: Cllr King Seconded: Cllr Owen

2514. Clerk’s report and correspondence received
• The Clerk met with representatives from Wiltshire Council Highways to discuss the installation of poles for the Speed Indicator Devices. There are suitable locations at the entrances to the village at Norton Road, Deverill Road and the Tytherington road. The Council will forward an estimate of the cost from Ringways in due course.
• Tenancies on two allotment plots were relinquished in April. These plots have now been reallocated from the waiting list.
• The Parish Council accounts for year ending 31/03/2016 have been finalised and will now be sent for internal audit.
• The deadline for the Best Kept Village Competition was earlier than usual and the Clerk gave apologies that she missed the deadline. The Chairman asked if we could send in a late entry.

2515. Matters raised – for discussion only
Cllr King advised that the cost of the books presented to Geraldton was £5.00 and suggested that Mrs Russell be reimbursed.
Cllr King also reported to the meeting that a number of Thermaglaze advertising signs have been placed on public land in the village.
Cllr Oxlade gave advance apologies for the June meeting.

2500. Items for newsletter and website
The Clerk will write the report for the newsletter.

The meeting closed at 8.15pm

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Thursday 2nd June at 7pm in the Village Hall.

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