Minutes of meeting held 03/03/2016

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Minutes of meeting held 03/03/2016

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Present: Cllrs Oxlade (Chair), Gaydon, Guerri-Fear, King, Long, Lusty, Morris & Walker

2472. Acceptance of apologies for absence
Cllr Owen

2473. Open session for members of the public
None present.

2474. To receive declarations of interest

2475. To confirm and sign minutes of the last meeting
Minutes of the meeting held on 4th February 2016 were circulated prior to this meeting and were accepted as a true record.
Proposed: Cllr Guerri-Fear Seconded: Cllr Morris

2476. Decision on participation in Speed Indicator Devices (S.I.D.S.) scheme
All Councillors present were in favour of our participation in the scheme.
Decide possible locations for approval
It was agreed that locations at all four entrances to the village would be most beneficial as a starting point. Cllrs will look for suitable sites and send details to the Clerk, who will then photograph and forward to Warminster Town Clerk, by the end of March.

2477. Best Kept Village Competition 2016 & date for village tidy up
It was decided that Sutton Veny would once again enter the competition this year.
The village tidy up morning will take place on Saturday 30th April at 10am. The Clerk will contact Highways to see if we can borrow equipment again.

2478. Bunting for High Street
Councillor Long will organise the erection of the bunting in time for Anzac Day and it was proposed that it will remain up throughout the summer. It is not necessary to purchase any extra bunting this year due to donations received from villagers.

2479. Resident’s suggestion regarding dog mess
A local business owner has suggested erecting a bag dispenser, possibly on the Alexander Memorial Field, at his own cost. Councillors were positive about the idea. Cllr Gaydon will now speak to Trustees of the field regarding a possible location.

2480. Clerk’s contract
Carried forward.

2481. Chairman’s report
The Chairman asked for a poppy wreath to lay at the Anzac service.

Closure of the High Street from The Woolpack to Bests Lane for the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations on 12th June was proposed. The Clerk will find out if this is possible.
The Wiltshire Council planning meeting scheduled for 16th March and due to make a planning decision on the proposed poultry farm has been cancelled. It is now likely to take place on 27th April at 3pm. The Spitting Feathers group will hold a village meeting prior to it.
Suggestions for the 2016 Community Award will be welcomed at the April meeting.

2482. Planning Committee report
Wiltshire Council planning decisions:
16/00154/TCA - 2 Greenhill – Tree works - NO OBJECTIONS
16/00155/TCA – Manyman’s Mead, 32 High St – Tree works - NO OBJECTIONS
16/00377/TCA – 4 Greenhill – Tree works - NO OBJECTIONS
15/12559/OUT – Land at Norton Rd – Outline planning for the erection of 3 dwellings – APPROVE WITH CONDITIONS
Parish Council consultation:
16/01136/TCA – Polebridge House, Duck St – Tree works – No Objection
16/01735/TCA – 22 Deverill Rd – Tree works – No Objection
16/01683/TCA – Sutton Veny School, High St – Tree works – No Objection to work on Crab Apple trees. Yew is situated in Church Yard as in subject to TPO.

2483. Payments
David Noble Electrical £132.00
Proposed: Cllr Gaydon Seconded: Cllr Long

2484. Clerk’s report and correspondence received
The Clerk has been contacted by Philip Clark as no decision has been made on possible listing of the pump outside Jessamine Cottage. Following discussions it was decided not to seek listing as the pump is not in the original location or connected to a water supply.
The village hall is in use as a polling station on Thursday 5th May, so the Annual Parish Meeting and Annual Council Meeting will be held on Wednesday 4th May.

2485. Matters raised for discussion only
Cllr Long sadly resigned from the Parish Council but has offered to continue to help with tasks such as erecting the bunting and Christmas tree. The Chairman, Clerk and fellow Councillors thanked Cllr Long for his service.

2471. Items for newsletter and website
Cllr Walker will write the report for the village hall newsletter.

The meeting closed at 19:45

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held at 7.00pm on Thursday 7th April 2016 in the village hall.

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