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From the Memories of Those Who Visited Sutton Veny Many Years Ago
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Mary Alderman

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I lived with Joe and Lizzie Barter at 67 Sutton Veny (which is now Barters Forge) , they were relatives of my father Jack Barter and my name was Mary Barter. I can clearly remember going to the graves from the school when we all took our bunches of flowers, I always had a big basket of bunches of flowering currant as Auntie Lizzie and Uncle Joe had a big bush in their back garden.

I still think of Sutton Veny with the greatest affection and all the people who lived there even after over 70 years.

I wonder if anybody knows anything about Pat and Maureen McCracken whose parents had the off-licence and shop in Duck Street.

I am now in touch with Anne Marshall (nee Parker) whose mother was a childhood friend of my fathers and she sent me a newspaper article about this year's service which brought back many happy memories.


Thank you for your message. Of course I would be delighted to have anything I know about the village being put on the message board or anywhere else that would help.

Another bit of information is that my father's family home was 51 Sutton Veny (known then as High Bank) which might tell you that his sister was Phoebe Coward - mother of Michael.

As I said I have so many happy memories of the village and all the people who used to live there so if I can help you in any way I would be pleased to do so.

One silly thing is that I was told that if you think of happy things it lowers your blood pressure so when I have mine taken I always think of the village and for some reason the person who always comes to mind is Mr Chorley who was the rector and he used to ride about on a bicycle!!!!

Best Wishes


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