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Deveril Road

Posted: Tue Sep 30, 2003 8:29 am
by SB
I read in the latest Parish News that there is some discussion regarding closing the one way stretch of Deveril Road between the Pub and the new houses at Shepards Forge. Apparently due to the volume of traffic and idiots driving the wrong way. This would be a ludicrous solution as it simply doubles the volume of traffic on other unsuitable routes. There have already been two accidents this year on the link road between Deveril Road and the High Street. In one a car was written off and a wall knocked down. By allowing 8 new houses on a piece of land the size of a stamp the traffic will already become significantly worse in the area.

I realise that the small industrial estates provide work but some thought is needed when 40 foot arctics regularly use the link road mentioned above and have clipped the wall on the new house on the corner.

Has anyone tried walking around Five Ash Lane recently. Basically a single track road that links the village to the A350 at Crockerton. Well between 4 and 6pm you are taking a risk as idiots take blind corners at 50mph. One day there will be another car/tractor/people walking dogs, horse riders etc in the way and carnage will happen. the solution to close the roads ? No its flippen not. Otherwise the high street would be closed to traffic by now. The solution is traffic calming measures as seen in many other villages in Wiltshire. Large articulated lorries should use the bypass as opposed to the village. 20mph speed limit and have it policed for a while (as per Bishopstrow). Speed bumps and better signage.

OK rant over. Apologies but I felt it needed saying :-?

Posted: Tue Sep 30, 2003 9:07 am
by PRS
Some good points there! Perhaps speed bumps (or chicanes) could be installed in the High Street as well - for a road without pavements some drivers' speeds are terrifying. Even a "30 mph" flashing reminder (as in the Boreham Road) would be better than nothing.
Over to the Parish Council!

Posted: Tue Sep 30, 2003 12:28 pm
by SB
Thanks. I suppose what I'm saying is, that the volume of traffic will ultimately go up over time. Despite government soundbites, we do not have an integrated public transport system and even if it starts to happen I'll be pushing up daisys before it affects our village. So with gowing traffic we would be stupid to start closing roads for access as all it will do is cause major problems in other areas. If some people are speeding, disobeying access signs, driving heavy goods wagons through the village etc, then that needs addressing and closing roads is not the solution.

Frankly the "we don't have the necessary funding" excuse is no longer acceptable as the longer its ignored the more expensive (money and accidents) it will become to fix.