Door-to-door salesmen

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Door-to-door salesmen

Post by PRS » Fri Oct 14, 2011 8:44 am

I have just received this warning from the Neighbourhood Policing Team. The problem has been confirmed by a villager who has already experienced one of these "salesmen".

"We received several reports earlier this evening of door to door
salesmen in the area of Tytherington , Sutton Parva and Stockton. The
males were reported to be selling household items - dusters, cleaning
and gardening items. Some of them were perceived to have a threatening
manner and were seen to try car doors in the area.
We responded to the calls and one male was arrested in Tytherington,
although we believe there were several more in the area.
These males are usually part of organised gangs who travel in mini buses
to more affluent areas and sell overpriced low quality goods. they
often say they have been released from prison and are trying to work or
a similar hard luck story. We believe they may also be checking what
security etc you may have.
If you have any of these callers please phone the Police on 101 as soon
as possible, we would strongly suggest that you do not let these persons
into your home."

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