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Update from Wiltshire Police September 2011

Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 8:27 am
by admin
From Willtshire Police: Just a quick update on crimes in the area.

We have recently had several non dwelling burglaries and attempted burglaries in mostly isolated locations. Many of these seem to be in the area of Corsley and Chapmanslade especially along Deep Lane and Huntenhall Lane. High value garden equipment and farm machinery especially chain saws, quad bikes and ride on mowers appear to be the target items as well as lead from roofs. Scrap metal prices are at an all time high and garden machinery is very easily disposed of. Garden machinery is less likely to be taken if it is clearly marked with postcode or address, which although may spoil the visual appearance will make it much less of value to thieves who will not be able to dispose of marked items as easily. Also in several recent crimes it seems that items were in use prior to the theft and suspicious vehicles had been seen in the area at the time, so keep equipment under lock and key unless it is being used and if you think it may have been "spotted" please take extra precautions to ensure your property is safe.

Please note the vehicle registration of any vehicles seen acting suspiciously in the area. These can be emailed to us at Giving time, date and location would help us to build a picture of who is in the area and helping us to target criminals. We are able to provide crime prevention advice if necessary, again contact via the above address.

New non emergency number

Also as of Monday 19th September 2011, you will be able to contact Wiltshire police for non emergencies by dialling 101. This new number to call is for anyone who wants to contact local police but it is less urgent than 999. The calls will charge a flat rate of 15p per call from both landlines and mobiles. The 08454087000 will be phased out over a period of time. The number will eventually be rolled out nationally so it will be possible to use it wherever you are in the country to contact the local police. 999 will still be used for urgent contact with the emergency services.