Dogs versus sheep

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Dogs versus sheep

Post by PRS » Fri Feb 04, 2011 11:55 am

I have just received the following and feel it is worth passing on,
Peter Strangeways

On 30/01/11 at around 1400 it was discovered that a sheep had been attacked by a dog at Manor Farm in Monkton Deverill. We are requesting that any one who may have witnessed the incident, or been involved to speak to police. On this occasion the sheep is still alive however there is a concern to the amount of stress caused to the rest of the flock, most of which are pregnant. The sheep is a pedigree Wiltshire Horn ewe and due to the injuries its suffered, it may mean that the farmer is at a loss of up to £300. If you have any information please contact myself Pc Pegrum on 0845 408 700 ref Occurrence number 009212.


We are currently seeing an increase in reports of dog attacks within the Warminster Rural area and many of these are due to lack of control by the owner/dog walker. People who are out walking dogs need to take full responsibility for the dogs actions and must have full control of the dog at all times, failing to do so means that you are potentially committing offences and which can lead to prosecution and worse case scenario - destruction of the dog.

A dog simply chasing sheep around a field can cause so much stress to the point that they can miss-carry and due to their natural instincts to flock together at such times, this can cause a lamb to loose its mother, these are just a couple of the effects. Any farmer has permission to "shoot on site" if a dog is caught worrying their sheep and dogs in this area HAVE BEEN SHOT.

IF an incident occurs involving your dog or a dog under your control then you are advised to report it to the police immediately and or advise the owner of the sheep if possible.

Kind Regards

Pc 2366 Pegrum
Community Beat Manager
Warminster Rural Neighbourhood Policing Team
EXT - 726818/817

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