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Recent incidents

Post by PRS » Sat Oct 16, 2010 10:24 am

I have just received the following from our Neighbourhood Policing Team.

"There have been a couple of recent incidents in the area that I would like
to bring to your attention.
Earlier this week an elderly lady used her cashpoint card in
Trowbridge. As she travelled home she noted that the same car was behind
her all the way home. After she parked on her drive she was approached
by two males from the car who stated they were lost and produced a
really large map and asked for directions back to London. After they had
gone she received a call from her bank regarding several withdrawals
from her account. We believe the males used the map to obstruct her
vision of her car and another person opened the car door and stole the
card. Please make sure that when you use your card at a cashpoint that
you are not overlooked, as these males had probably noted the pin number
while the card was used in Trowbridge and then followed the lady home to
get the card. This vehicle has been used a previously in other areas in
similar incidents, so these males are well practised at this type of
There have also been several reported incidents of males touting for
gardening or other odd jobs. These males are often pushy and may be
working with others in distraction offences, one person will keep the
householder busy while an unseen accomplice will enter the house and
steal money or other valuables. Please ask you members to be vigilant
and report any incidents to us.
* Do not let strangers into your home especially if you are alone.
If the callers are genuine they will be happy to call back or wait while
you contact a friend or neighbour for assistance.
* Do not be enticed outside to look at "problems" in the garden
or on the roof/gutter as this is often a ploy to distract you.
* Do not allow a stranger to commence any type of work without
getting a written quote on headed notepaper and allowing you a 7 day
cooling off period. They may be committing offences under Trading
Standards legislation.

Please keep an eye out for elderly or infirm neighbours and let us know
if you or they have any suspicious callers. Vehicle details and
registration are very helpful in these cases to help us locate
If you have any persons in your area who you think may be particularly
vulnerable to this type of offence, could you pass their details to us
as we are compiling a list so we can keep a watchful eye while out and

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