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Security firm

Posted: Fri Oct 23, 2009 9:50 am
by PRS
I have just received this warning from the police.
Peter Strangeways
Village Co-ordinator

ADVISORY WARNING - Please cascade to all NHW members within your area
There have been a number of reports received concerning a company DIRECT RESPONSE who are making cold calls offering Intruder Detection Systems (Burglar Alarms).
It has been reported that the telephone sales persons have either stated or implied that the company pay the Police to monitor the alarms. This is false.
The company is not associated with Wiltshire Police and the advice is that all contacts from this company be reported to Consumer Direct or your local Trading Standards Officer.
Do not enter into any contract with this company withour seeking advice. If you are pressured into entering into a contract remember you have a 7 day cooling off period in which to cancel.
If you are considering the installation of a Burglar Alarm you are advised to speak to your local Police Crime Prevention Officer on 0845 4087000 or in the first instance and then obtain quotes from at least 3 independant, reputable, companies.
David J Budd, Crime Prevention Officer and Neighbourhood Watch Liaison Officer.

Re: Security firm

Posted: Fri Oct 23, 2009 2:51 pm
by PRS
An addendum...

Further to my previous E-mail concerning Direct Response.
The payment that the Alarm Company was referring to is a one off payment of £47.58 to register your alarm with Wiltshire Police. I understand that this is normally paid by the householder but clearly can be paid by the installer as stated.
I apologise if this has caused any confusion however my advice remains that if you are considering the installation of an alarm system you should seek advice initially from a Crime Prevention Officer and then 3 quotes from reputable companies.
David J Budd, Crime Prevention Officer, NHW Liaison Officer