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Security Systems - warning

Post by PRS » Fri Feb 20, 2009 11:46 am

I have just received the following:

"I thought that I would contact you all and request that you pass this warning on to all your scheme coordinators and their members.
Over the past few days there have a been a number of reports of persons receiving unsolicited telephone calls / doorstep callers from persons stating that they represent particular security companies. They are offering either a free alarm system or free monitoring and half price installation.
What they do not tell you is that you will sign up to a 5 year contract and if you take up the offer of a free alarm system there is a DAILY charge of £1.60.
It is concerning that these companies can purchase a database containing personal details.
The calls are considered to be in response to the Home Secretary publicly stating that Burglaries were on the increase
I would recommend that if contacted by these companies you obtain the company details and telephone number and then inform them that you will be reporting the matter to Trading Standards.
Trading Standards will be able to take the complaints up the the regulatory body for the Security Industry.
Any person who is considering having an Intruder Alarm fitted is afdvised, in the first instance to contact their Police Crime Reduction Officer who will provide relevent advice. Crime Reduction Officers can be contacted through 0845 408 7000."
David J Budd, Crime Reduction/Neighbourhood Watch Liaison Officer, Wiltshire Police

If you have any queries, feel free to contact me.
Peter Strangeways, Tel: 840403

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