Henry James Coleman/ Madden

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Henry James Coleman/ Madden

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Dear Sutton Veny Website Co-Ordinator,

Hello. My name is Nathan Burke. I’m 22 years old from Albion Park, a couple of hours south of Sydney, Australia. I am writing to you today as I have been researching my Great Grandfather – Henry James Coleman - and his efforts during World War One, and I have noticed that he has spent quite some time in your beautiful village. You have a wonderful website and I quite enjoyed viewing the photographs and reading about your town. I was just wondering if you have any photographs of any Australian servicemen from the war and if so, any names that would be accompanying the photos. I have a copy of a letter, dated 21/4/1918, that my Great Grandfather wrote from your town – with a YMCA letterhead which was quite likely to have been written in Greenhill (Sutton Veny) House.

He was in Sutton Veny in April, May, November, 1918 and I believe early 1919. He also unknowingly fathered a child while in England, and based on recent research, I believe it’s quite possible that his lover resided in or possibly close to Sutton Veny. I have tried to trace his child, however upon his mother’s marriage his surname was changed to Madden. He came over to Australia in 1958 trying to locate my Great Grandfather, however failing.

If you would be able to let me know if you have any photographs of any Australian Soldiers in the 9th Battalion, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for your time

Nathan Burke

If you have any information please email the message board - or post a reply and I will pass it on on. From Admin

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