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Hintons of Greenhill

Posted: Sat Feb 09, 2008 1:45 pm
by simonty
My great great great grandfather was William Hinton ( c 1811/17-?). He is listed on his marriage cert ( 1839, London) of being of Greenhill House. However, from what I can gather he was actually born in Naples and emigrated ( ?from Sutton Veny ?) to Madeira in about 1837 to grow and refine sugar. I have searched in vain for any birth in Naples. A start would be working out where he ties in to all the Sutton veny Hintons, and specifically to Greenhill House. I have run the 1841 census, but believe that would be after he had left. Should however show his parents and siblings. However, of the 31 Hintons in that census, none that I can see are listed at Greenhill House. The original transcript lists mainly "north side of the road", when surely Greenhill House would have its own listing ? Can anyone help me with who was actually living in Greenhill House then ? A Madeira site says he "disposed of Greenhill House in about 1837" but I believe it was still occupied by Hintons until 1853. There is no sign of Anne Hinton ( your site says she sold some land in 1822). Maybe by 1841 she was gone, dead or married. Was she married in the parish ? And she is the wrong generation to be buying/selling land in 1822 if she is a sister to my William. Does that make her William's mother or aunt ? And William senior ( d 1816) was he my William's father or grandfather ?

Ironically my grandmother ( William Hinton's great granddaughter) lived in Chitterne for many years and her husband my grandfather Strang Taylor-Young was a famous surgeon and Head of the Salisbury Infirmary. I have driven past Sutton veny many many times. next time I must stop !

If anyone can help, many many thanks

Simon Taylor-Young

Re: Hintons of Greenhill

Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2008 9:58 am
by PRS
The "Sutton Veny Book" (published by the SV WI in 1995) states that Anne Hinton was the last of that family to live in Greenhill House. There is a full page reproduction of the advertisement showing it "To be let". It seems that it was then occupied by the Everett family - who may be shown to have been there in the 1841 census. It is now, of course, Sutton Veny House Nursing Home.

(By the way, I knew your grandfather when I was Area Surgeon in St. John Ambulance many decades ago)

Re: Hintons of Greenhill

Posted: Sat Mar 29, 2008 7:45 pm
by simonty
Dear PRS, I had assumed noone had replied as I thought I would get an email. Have only just logged on therefore to this message board again. Have also been in Malaysia for nearly a month. many thanks for your reply. Wonderful coincidence that you knew my grandfather, probably "TY" to you. I have discovered that there is a Hinton file at Swindon Public Records Office, apparently containing all the Greenhill House papers. As soon as I can I mean to get down there and see what light that sheds. Our relative William ( b 1811), son of Edward, was born in naples and lived most of his life in Madeira. however, a madeira book I have stumbled across links him to Greenhill House....... just do not know how yet. More anon. Many thanks Simon Taylor-Young