Harding and Batt

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Harding and Batt

Post by Mark_H » Wed Jan 12, 2005 4:54 pm


I have traced my family name back to Sutton-Veney where there is a marriage recorded in 1799 between Thomas Harding (born c. 1773) and Sarah Batt (born c.1778) . I have Sarah's parents (William and Elizabeth nee Hurdle) living in Sutton-Veney but have not, as yet, found a connection for Thomas Harding, though there are a couple of Harding families there at the right time. Thomas and Sarah had a number of children in Sutton-Veney but moved the family to Frome c.1812

I would be grateful for *any* information pertaining to either of these family names in Sutton-Veney during the 1700s (and indeed later) and any pointers to sources I might check regarding Sutton-Veney's history.

Mark Harding

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Re: Harding and Batt

Post by whatley64 » Tue Feb 09, 2010 9:32 pm

hi mark
i have a hurdle married to one of my ancestors.
her name is elizabeth ann hurdle and she married richard james whatley in dec 1842
in sutton veny.
this may be the line your looking for i will do some research and try to find her parents.

mark whatley

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