Benham family of Sutton Veny

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Stephen Benham
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Benham family of Sutton Veny

Post by Stephen Benham » Sat Oct 19, 2002 2:49 pm

I am researching a one name study of the surname Benham. The surname was historically strongest in Hampshire and Berkshire. Of the roughly 2000 Benhams in the 1901 census (see the PRO on-line index at <>), only 23 were living in Wiltshire.

Although no Benhams were living in Sutton Veny in 1901, six had been born here:

Frank Benham, 46, a brewer's drayman in Bromham, Wilts., whose wife and four children had all been born in Warminster, Wilts.

Stephen Benham, 52, a coal miner of Rhisga, Monmouthshire, and Harriet Benham, 51, his wife. They had four children, all born at Rhisga.

Thomas Benham, 50, a coal trimmer, and William Benham his eldest son, 24, a platelayer on the railway, both also living in Rhisga. Thomas was a widower, and Mary Jane Ford, single, 51, also born Sutton Veny, was looking after this family of father and four sons (the other three all born at Rhisga). Ford is therefore probably the maiden name of Thomas Benham's dead wife.

Arthur Benham, 21, a mason's labourer, born in "Somerset, Sutton ..." according to the census, and yet another one living at Rhisga, with his Rhisga-born wife and baby son.

There were 16 Benhams in Monmouthshire in 1901, and they all appear to spring from these Sutton Veny Benhams. (The other two are a domestic house maid, again in Rhisga, and a colliery labourer in the parish of Llanhiledd). It would be very tempting to guess that Frank, Stephen and Thomas were brothers, that Arthur is son to one of them, and that two of the three brothers were tempted away by the comparatively good money to be had in south Wales.

I would be very grateful if anyone has any information on this family / these families in Sutton Veny, either on or off the message board.

Yours sincerely

Stephen Benham

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Re: Benham family of Sutton Veny

Post by s benham-pellowe » Tue Jul 08, 2008 10:17 am

I an the great-grandaughter of Stephen Benham and the grandaughter of William Benham.

I believe Stephen and his new bride Harriet Smith must have left Sutton Veny for Risca, a few miles north of Newport, shortly after their marriage on 25 Dec 1872 as all their children were born at Risca.

Thomas married Arabella Ford and their first two children could have been born at Sutton, but may have been taken home for baptism. I don't know.

Stephen and Thomas were the sons of Edward Benham and Mary Snelgrove.

By 1900 Stephen's family at least were Congregationalists, and it was at the chapel where William met my grandmother who had moved from Pembrokeshire with the family of the new minister. They returned to Pembrokeshire where my father was born and where his childern live and his grandchildren were born.

I have no direct knowledge of the decendants of Thomas, although I do know of 3 distant cousins on Stephen's branch.

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Re: Benham family of Sutton Veny

Post by glzammit » Sat Jul 08, 2017 6:28 am

Hi my g grandfather James Benham was born to Edward Benham and Mary Snelgrove in sutton veny. He became a policeman. Does anyone have any info on him or his family.

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